Have you heard about blooks ?

I know this may seem offbeat to people who aren’t tuned into the ridiculous awesomeness of the blogosphere BUT I have to share this post I just stumbed onto …ps…I’m too lazy right now to do anything more than cut and paste the whole entry. Is that bad? Even if I give full credit to the poster?

Have you heard about blooks ?

By Guillaume du Gardier on Weblogs

A blook is a printed and bound book, based on a blog.

Most famous ones are from ‘Salam Pax: The Clandestine Diary of an Ordinary Iraqi’ (Grove Press), the eye-witness accounts of the Iraq war by the blogger known as Salam Pax, ‘Small Pieces Loosely Joined’ (Perseus Books), Dan Gillmor’s “We The Media” (O’Reilly), David Weinberger’s spiritual interpretation of the Internet, actor Wil Wheaton’s memoir ‘Just a Geek’ (O’Reilly), and Jessica Cutler’s ‘The Washingtonienne’ (Hyperion), a novel based on her scandalous blog of the same name. More scandalous still is ‘Belle de Jour: The Intimate Adventures Of A London Call Girl, by Anon’ (Phoenix), which started life as an infamous blog, describing the life of a north London prostitute, and read by 15,000 a day.

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It seems like more than 100 blooks have been published till now, there is now also “The Blooker Prize” that has been launched on the 10th of October 2005, the world’s first literary prize for blooks, organized by Lulu, a website that enables anyone to publish and sell their own book. (well, yes, that’s linked…)

The prize will reward blooks in three categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction and Comic-Blooks, it is open to blooks published anywhere by anyone, provided they are in English (Loïc, you should translate your blook in english to compete against Scoble’s and Shell’s one !)

Judges will be: Cory Doctorow, co-editor of BoingBoing, Robin Miller, editor-in-chief of Slashdot and Paul Jones, director of iBiblio.

The Lulu Blooker Prize will take place annually. The short list of books for the inaugural prize will be announced in March 2006 and the winner on 3 April, 2006.

Know what, there is an additional step: Flooks ! Film based on blooks ! ;o)

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3 Responses to “Have you heard about blooks ?”

  1. Mrs Blubridge (no relations) Says:

    As an inveterate reader of BoingBoing, must nominate the Whale-Killing Journal, or possibly the author’s previous blook. Many thanks.

  2. Applesauce Jackson Says:

    “Blook”? Jesus f**king Christ, the English language really is dead.

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