Mark Cubans Favourite Posts

Success Motivation – Redux

By Mark Cuban

Some of the stuff i write is good. Some of it aint. Some I write because i want to make a point. Some I write because I want to get feedback and learn more.

Some have turned into favorites. Given ive been writing this going on 2 years now, i decided to bring back a couple faves and provide links to them.

First on my list are the posts Ive written about Success & Motivation. I get so many questions about how I got ?lucky? so many times, things I have done that have worked or not. Experiences I have had. This series of entries, written more than a year ago, I think, bring back some great memories for me and I think are worth sharing again.

Success & Motivation Part 1 Coming to dallas without a job.

Success & Motivation Part 2 My first job in Dallas, lessons learned and teaching myself how to use a PC

Success & Motivation Part 3 Fired – and ready to start MicroSolutions

Success & Motivation Part 4 Some early lessons learned

Success & Motivation – You only have to be right once

The Sport of Business – Competition in the businessworld puts any sport to shame

Goals – An Interview I did with Young Money

Its funny how many times I have gone back and read or looked at the above posts. I hope they give you the same pick me up that they give me

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