Suggestion for Pandora

When I’m listening to my Pandora tunes and checking over my feeds in bloglines I hear a song I want to add as a favorite. I do so and then I ask myself – why don’t I have an rss feed for my Pandora favourites? Rss feeds for my stations? Public/Private feeds? Why not give me the chance to post links to my Pandora station on my blog so other Pandora users can see what I’m digging and vote my stations up or down the Pandora Pop charts? Since its all about the culture of entitlement these days sharing why not make the pie bigger and give me a slice of it anytime a listener of my Pandora station buys from itunes or amazon through me? I could always add them one by one to my blog side bar eventually with my own amazon affiliate code anyway?

3 Responses to “Suggestion for Pandora”

  1. stealbelow Says:

    Pandora has made a lot of these suggestions since the time of my post December 1, 20005.

    Pandora was and is still – awesome.

  2. bobbyRicky Says:

    good post – filled my coffee break

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