How to score free gumballs for everyone!!

“Ok…. you ever wanted that free movie at the video store… but didn’t have the cash to spend to sit there all day. Well fear no more I have a solution…

First step… locate a machine where you put the coin the slot above the handle turn and drop the coin….Once you have found your victim buy one piece of gum
chew it

Once the gum has gotten soft…. tear off a small bit and stick it to the quarter… then take the quarter and smash the gum in the slot and turn the handle…

If done right once all the way around your quarter will still be in the machine ready for round two…
Now keep turning till you get your fill of gumballs or free movie!” (via)

Update: Pop Portraits Made of Chewing Gum

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UPDATE:  It has been pointed out to me that this is not nice to do to just anyone’s gumball machine.  I am going to keep this post up though because I think it may be valuable to all those gumball machine owners to know that this could happen to them and maybe they should upgrade to a machine that won’t allow it.


63 Responses to “How to score free gumballs for everyone!!”

  1. Thats not cool Says:

    Hey man, I’m going to send your mother an E-Greeting telling her of your toils and doils. ANARCHY IN THE UK!

  2. Yah, I Saw That Already Says:

    Gumball Machine Hack

    First step… locate a machine where you put the coin the slot above the handle turn and drop the coin….Once you have found your victim buy one piece of gum
    chew it
    Once the gum has gotten soft…. tear off a small bit and stick it to the quarter…

  3. Zweben Says:

    Couldn’t you just use tape or sticky tack to be nicer to the guy who has to fix the machine?

  4. jimshitz Says:

    Get a hammer and bust themshitz wide the fuck open. And it doesn’t cost a quarter.

  5. John Says:

    Nice jimshitz!

  6. Mike Says:

    Wow. Really really hot. I`m amazed i couldnt figure this out myself! Nice hack!

  7. Gin Rummy Says:

    Anyone try this yet? I did it with superglue and it didnt work. I think they already know about this and the thing wont turn all the way back around unless the quarter slot is empty.

    Sounds good in theory but Im not so sure it works.

  8. kendall Says:

    does anyone know how to make all the quarters come out of a pop machine or get all the change out of a car wash machine

  9. Dex Says:

    If you’re gonna do this, check who you’re screwing over first. The racks in the grocery stores and WalMarts and such belong to big national vendors like Folz. But a lot of the small one, two, three head machines are charity machines or belong to guys with little local businesses who are just trying to survive or make enough money to be able to quit their crappy day jobs. Ripping off gumballs from them or vandalizing their machines is like somebody coming to YOUR place and siphoning all the gas out of your car or slashing your tires.

    It’s not right no matter who you do it to but, if you feel you have to do it, try to respect the little guy who’s a lot like you, okay?

  10. uralldouchebags Says:

    hammer ain’t gonna do much on those big globes. They’re made out of the same stuff as bullet proof glass.

    And the guy who fixes the machine is also the guy you’re stealing from…I’m surprised being nice actually crosses your mind.

    By the way, it doesn’t work – coin mech has to be empty to return to the start position. Nice try though.

  11. ?!?!?!?!? Says:

    well it might not work, bit it still jacks up the machine really bad and screws the guy that has to fix it lol

  12. ????? Says:

    Yea i havent tried that one before but i’ve thought about doing that. But someone brought up a good point it will not work on new gum ball machines only the older ones. But yea i think this is worth a try only need 2 quorters and who really cares about the person who has to fix the machine they make money by restocking the machine they don’t really have much work to do so who really cares if the have to fix there machine they make a living off of. not that big of a deal for u cuz ur not the one who has to fix them. lol.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Oh my josh, people are actually this immoral to actually steal a $0.25 piece of gum…Everyone one who tries this is pathetic, cheap, and a theif!

  14. _q|=.|,=|p_ Says:

    oh please…$0.25 piece of gum! over inflated price for a piece of chewy don’t you think knucklehead….steal the away i say

  15. god Says:

    Dont ever steal from my lovely people that i summoned to the Earth.Respect YOUR GOD

    • Eleni Says:

      Respect God or he’ll bring you to Hell. I read this for fun, not to ACTUALLY hack one. This page should be the least popular on the web!

  16. WTF Says:

    What the hell why do people who find jesus allways surf the net just to tell us its wrong… WE KNOW ITS WRONG.. thats why we do it… so let all steal as much gum as possable and wait for the second coming of christ – then when he shows up we can jam all the gum down his thoat choking him and sending him back where he came from… i like gum

  17. yeah Says:

    I cant wait to try this. I can score points with my friends and they will love me forever!!!

  18. Worked for me Says:

    i tried this at the place thats connected to my school, it worked well for me, the quarter droped into the machein but the gum on it must have done something to the inside because it kept turing. i suggest that u don’t do it to often though because on my last trip the the machein i heard one of the guys at the desk say “is that the kid who keeps messinf with the f***ing gumball machein” while i was walking out.

  19. TwisteDSOB Says:

    To the above post by the WTF guy…dude ur going to hell!! lmao. On one of the new machines with the big gumballs all u have to do is turn the knob back in forth slowly for like about 15 seconds and it spits one out without placing a quarter. I do it all the time. Or if your impatient and want alot faster, wait till the restock guy shows up and steal his friggin truck!

  20. VendingGuy101 Says:

    Well folks, I am a gumball vendor. It is SAD that you must CHEAT A .25 gumball machine. My machines are placed for a local children’s hospital. You really need to know WHO you are cheating money out of. I collect over $1,000 a month off of little gumball machines for kids who can not afford the medical bills. I find slugs from “losers like you” who need to respect us. Go do it to someone at wal-mart, and stay away from us little operators, who are trying to help someone else.

  21. Maxtor Says:

    TO the above comment. What exactly are the machine models and what company do you work for? The information is way off! I stock the VICTOR machines and never receive around $1000! i have a feeling your bluffing

  22. Suck my big ass balls Says:

    stop arguing about stupid shit dumasses and god doesnt exist bitches

  23. Theif Says:

    🙂 Awesome

  24. Theif Says:

    I did that and got like 17 gum balls 🙂 So worth it hahaha

  25. hacker Says:

    first you need to- get a peice of metel tube and get a hammer and swish the tube of metel tell its compltey flat then cut it and put it in he machine and then!
    turn it till you hear cracks then take the metel out and put 25 cents in and you get abaout 20 gum balls
    {really really really works}

  26. Bobrt Says:

    Dude cut out cardboard coins that will work 🙂

  27. Loon Says:

    If Your That Low To Steal A Quarter Or So Then I Hope That Its My Machine & I Catch You In The Act…
    You Will Need More Than A Few Quarters
    To Repair The Damage To Your Machine.

  28. !!!!!!!!!!!!1 Says:

    Well another way to hack a gum machine is to take a quarter and some notecards and put the quarter on the notecard. then you cut out around the quarter but only a little smaller than the quarter. do this until you have around 7 times the thickness of a plain notecard. then (this is y u cut the paper a little smaller) you tape all of them together and…. BAM you have a quarter replica. IT WORKS

  29. UpyoursIlovegum Says:

    Have you tried this?
    It only gets you one extra gum ball but I feel .25 is a fair price for three balls. After you put in your quarter and before you even start to turn the knob, start shaking the machine side to side like a pinball machine. Three come out every time for me. I only rob hotel gum balls with no charity name attached.

  30. lol Says:

    watt a head

  31. C(: Says:

    .25 Cent’s???….Your Kiddin’??….What A Shame

  32. jc Says:

    man,first u need to think where its located and more. once u figure du could pull it off. use sticky tack, and take all u want,LOL

  33. poopyhead Says:

    wow you are a low life

  34. dumbo Says:

    you are dumb you asscrack

  35. Barack Obama Says:

    I will delete this post IMMEDIATELY! You kids should know this is not allowed. I will tell workers to upgrade these machines so you kids will stop cheating it.

    ————– Barack Obama

  36. Anonymous Says:


  37. Anonymous Says:

    Ohh wow barack obama I’m so scared

  38. Rob Says:

    Someone showed me how to do this like 10 years ago and this really works. You need a small piece of flat plastic a little thinner than a credit card about .5″ wide by about 4″ long and a small screwdriver or any skinny piece of metal. You put the plastice piece in at a 45 degree angle where the quarter goes. Spin the knob until it stops then along the inside diameter on the right there is a lever that the coin is supposed to push on. Use the small screwdriver to push it up while u turn the knob. Keep spinning until you have all the gum you want. Not making this up really works but I only did it a few times cuz i felt bad

  39. anonymous Says:

    why do you have to do this shit ?

  40. anonymous Says:

    romney is so defeating obama

  41. anonymous Says:

    poopyhead is a damn bitch

  42. Theme Songs Says:

    I never, ever thought I would be required to be familiar with this thank goodness for google, right?

  43. thecoolshit Says:

    cool about the gum steeling, but some of these posts are WAY off topic..

  44. Mack Says:

    I trypsin with duck tape didn’t work

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  46. Anonymous Says:

    tried to do this but saw a security camera

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