I just found a visit in my referers log from

I found it interesting. The display is fairly bland but I think it may have some potential.

I do not really like the name because it reads like Blog Snow to me – but maybe thats because its snowing outside.

BlogsNow lists links that are currently most popular.

BlogsNow scans millions of blogs for emerging topics. The result is a
broad mix of all ongoing topics selected only by the interest of the people.

BlogsNow looks at all blogs it can find and every blog has the same voting power in BlogsNow. Ranking is solely based on popularity.

From the about page:

I visited google news and blogdex frequently. I liked google news for its speed and blogdex for using weblogs as a source. I wanted something that is as fast as google news but uses blogs. Since there wasn’t anything like that I wrote BlogsNow.

Every sixty seconds BlogsNow generates a new list of topics. Reflecting what weblogs are talking about right now. BlogsNow will show you trends and breaking news faster than any other tool.


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