Using Blog Stats to Influence Blogging Decisions

Coinciding with‘s new blog stats page was a post from Professional Blogger Darren on the importance of checking your blog stats.

“I had grand visions of the blog being followed by friends and family wanting to see my photography. I also posted a short review of the camera I was using at the time.

The interesting thing was that after a few weeks blogging there I checked my stats and found that my photos pages had had absolutely NO page views but the mini camera review had had quite a few people surf in from Google – around 20 people were coming to it every day.

A light went on in my head and I began an inner dialogue that went something like:

‘If 20 people come to 1 camera review – how many people would come to 100 camera reviews?’

It was then that I transitioned my photolog into a Digital Camera Reviews Blog – my first blog with an income stream and one of the largest one’s that I run today.

That site is now read by between 12,000 and 16,000 unique visitors per day.

I’ve been posting to this blog for less than two months now and I have been keeping track of my most popular posts. I’d love to be professionally blogging in a way similar to Jason Kottke where Pay Attention To Me! is a place people can find ‘cool’ links to a variety of topics. Darren’s posts are always inspirational and the moral to this post is no different.

…If I’d not tracked my stats and had the realization that that one page on my site was generating most of the traffic I’d probably still have an unvisited photolog and would probably never have discovered how blogging could actually become a full time job. (Via Problogger)


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