How-to replace your iPod hard drive

I stumbled across this very sweet how-to for replacing an iPod hard drive. My iPod is having the exact same problem. It’s definitely time for a replacement and time to bookmark this handy picture tutorial:

“My brother Justin loved his 20 gig 4th generation ipod until he dropped it at the gym one day. It stopped working all together and would make clicking noises when he would try to start it…. I documented my adventure of trying to fix my ipod, check it out.”

UPDATE: Brand new technique discovered. Let the iPod sit on your desk for 1.5 months while you contemplate ordering a new hard drive to try to install following directions you bookmark on the internet…. Then… knock it off your desk onto the floor by accident. SMASH. Then – Voila! One fully operational iPod.

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4 Responses to “How-to replace your iPod hard drive”

  1. till Says:

    unbelievable, your second technique worked perfectly fine: i just hit the old harddrive a few times and shaked it and it really works again. man, i should have read this before orderig a new harddrive…

  2. totallyhotmale Says:

    unbelievable! Your second technique produced perfect results. I simply knocked the “corrupt” iPod off of my desk a couple of times and it really works again, man. I am glad I read this before I ordered a new hard drive. Thanks for the tidbit of useful knowledge.

  3. Bryan Says:

    actually you’re better off firmly whacking it on a carpeted floor on the top right corner of the faulty iPod (if you are looking at the screen i mean). knocking it off a desk might break the screen.

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