Man Hacks The Internet To Plot Amazon Wishlists Users Home Addresses on Google Maps

“Using a simple 6-line shell script and the popular wget command line tool, I configured two computers on two different DSL connections to begin downloading all 260,000 wishlists in increments of 25,000. Each group of 25,000 wishlists took about four hours to download, for a total download time of less than one day. Each wishlist is located at an address like this:”

It is possible for users to associate a shipping address with their wishlists, so that others can order them gifts. Though the full address is hidden, city and state remain visible. I already have first and last name. With this information, I can do a Yahoo People Search to obtain an exact street address and phone number. Viewing the wishlists that contained Apple I Replica Creation, I found that all four provided the user’s city and state. Of these four, one was a common name that produced multiple hits in his town, two were unlisted (although one of them was in the Intelius database which I opted not to pay for), and the final individual was present on Yahoo People. So I sent him a signed copy and thanked him for his interest.

Further on..

Thanks to Google Maps (and many similar services) a street address is all we need to get a satellite image of a person’s home. Tempted as I was to provide satellite images of the homes of the search subjects, it just seemed a bit extreme even for this article. Instead, I opted only to pinpoint the centers of the towns in which they live. So at least you’ll know that there’s somebody in your community reading Critical Thinking or some other dangerous text.

Its an interesting read to the say the least.


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