10 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Person

Ten Blogs that will make you laugh, make you smarter and make your days less blah…

1. Blog Maverick

2. The Dilbert Blog

3. The Jason Calacanis Weblog

4. Waxy.org Links

5. Steve Pavlina’s Blog

6. TechCrunch

7. we make money not art

8. Blog Tips at ProBlogger

9. Wooster Collective

10. Overheard in the Office

BONUS BLOG – Pay Attention To Me!.

9 Responses to “10 Blogs That Will Make You a Better Person”

  1. Wooster Collective Says:

    Wow. Thanks for including us!

    Wooster Collective

  2. stealbelow Says:

    No problem.

    Wooster Collective is mad cool. In fact I subscribe via bloglines.

    You may get some extra viewers from this list – It seems to be picking up some steam in the blogosphere 🙂

  3. Emily Says:

    Hey, what’s the deal with Overheard in the Office? I just went to the link, and the only post said the office was closed for the weekend, and all of the links on the site appear to be spammy. Am I missing something?

  4. Emily Says:

    Oh and thanks for the heads-up on Wooster Collective — seriously cool stuff!

  5. stealbelow Says:

    Hmm..I’ve never seen Overheard in the Office down before. Keep an eye out on Monday I guess. Its like Overheard in New York (http://www.overheardinnewyork.com/)

    Here are some examples of the humour:

    10AM Board Meeting

    President: You really need to stop asking so many questions and start figuring things out for yourself, especially when you are out producing jobs.
    Worker: You’re right, I realize that. I’m trying harder.
    President: And about this job you worked Saturday night; did you know what you were doing there?
    Worker: To be honest, I wasn’t sure on some things.
    President: Well, did you ask anyone what your role was supposed to be? If you don’t know something you really need to start asking questions. People are here to help you.

    200 West 57th Street
    New York, NY

    2PM Look into Focus

    Co-worker #1: She isn’t listening to you.
    Co-worker #2: I know, she never does. She’s like a robot fueled by diet Coke.
    Android: It’s called focus. Look into it.

    87 McLea Court
    San Francisco, California

    10AM Meeting with Client

    Senior Director: Well, I hate to tell you this, but we’re going to be a week late with your report.
    Client on speaker: You fuckin’ serious? The fuck you doing over there? Writing this thing in pen? Sanskrit? The fuck, man?
    Senior Director: Actually, I’m chipping it away in stone…hey, don’t you worry about how I’m writing this fucking report! You’ll get it in a week. Who the fuck are you to give me an attitude
    Client: Fuck you! Hurry the fuck up! We’re paying your ass, so you should be nice to me!
    Senior Director: Kiss my ass!…cock eyed fuck! By the way, how is the wife doing?

    51 W. 52nd Street
    New York, NY

    It’s Been a Long Week; Go Home!

    Student: How are you doing?
    Staff: Nothing much. What’s going on with you?
    Student: Fine, thanks.

    108 E. Dean Keeton Street
    Austin, Texas

  6. mp3s Says:

    http://andreasviklund.com has made me a better person, by teaching me the value of good HTML/CSS. Andreas doesn’t beat Dilbert, but it is pretty darn close.

  7. centraluniversity Says:

    great list.added to my rss list

  8. Pay Attention To Me! » Overheard In the Office - Blook Deal Says:

    […] One of my favourite blogs “Overheard in the Office” has been included in the Overheard in New York blook (see some of my posts about blooks here, here and here) From their blog: “Our sister site has been collected into Overheard in New York, the book. It’s a collection of the hilarious and horrendous material from the site, as well as a bunch of stuff we saved just for the book. […]

  9. sweethang Says:

    Why the hell yall arguing like some bitch ass kids?

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