Comments About Commenting on Blogs

Wouldn’t it be awesome if when I posted a comment on a blog it magically turned into a email conversation thread (think gmail conversation threads).

Everyone could reply back and forth quickly and easily in gmail and have it posted as comments on the blog?

I also think it would be fantastic if instead of subscribing to a comment thread rss, I could just hit a button and an email/comment conversation/thread would show up in my inbox and update every time someone added a comment.

Let me make this clear – I don’t want a new email for each comment.  I want to click on one email header to read the entire up-to-date comment discussion I am interested in.  Not email after email from each comment made piling up my inbox.

Maybe include a note that shows ‘last commented on’ or ‘5 new comments’ to tell me to check back in.
I find it annoying to go back and track conversations every time I post a comment on a blog (so I rarely bother).

I find the concept of subscribing to an comment thread via rss ridiculous considering the number of feeds I already have in my aggregator.  I can’t bother subscribing and unsubscribing to comment threads.  I can however delete the ones I’m not interested in from my email box.


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