Miss Rogue and LexnGer Are Stalking Me!

See here for context

It’s those sneaky ::  at the front of your blog title.  It means your feed is usually at the top of my bloglines feeds.

But for real…you’ve got a great online voice and I enjoy reading along.


2 Responses to “Miss Rogue and LexnGer Are Stalking Me!”

  1. Tara 'Miss Rogue' Hunt Says:

    Thanks so much…I really didn’t *mean* to be sneaky with the ::, it was a stylized thing…but then so many people have mentioned that, although first a bit annoying, they actually enjoyed what I had to say. So, I’ll just keep playing innocent on that one. 😉

  2. LexnGer Says:

    I didn’t realize I was stalking you. You aren’t on my list, but I’ll add you to the list now. Good thing you told me.

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