Canada’s Hide & Seek Olympic Team Profiled on ESPN!

What a prank! Canada’s Hide and Seek Olympic Team…

Three guys decided to go to New Orleans for a College football
game. One of their fathers works for Roots Canada and gave them
each a Canadian Winter Olympic jacket to wear. So with that said,
they decided that when people ask them about the jacket they would
tell them they represent Canada’s Hide and Seek team.

Well, they b.s.’d enough to get interviewed live during the game on ESPN.

Check out the link below.

*I have a feeling someone should mirror this soon

7 Responses to “Canada’s Hide & Seek Olympic Team Profiled on ESPN!”

  1. stealbelow Says:

    Interestinly enough…no one seesm to find this as amusing as I did….hmm…am I losing my cool? 🙂

  2. stealbelow Says:

    perhaps my visitors have no interest in the joke because they aren’t from Canada?

    It would be excellant if provided me with this type of information 🙂

  3. Tappy Says:

    That’s really funny…. although i don’t know if anyone else was fulled except the reporter.

  4. Russ Says:

    I know one of the guys who is “on” the Canadian Olympic Hide and Seek team… he was telling me that they had to convince the girl for quite a while about the reality of the “sport”. They told her all about what makes a good “seeker” and a good “hider”, etc and about the extensive training they must go through… CLASSIC! My buddy has always been a funny bugger, but just looking at how serious his face is on this video is an all-time high!
    I saw him on Friday night and he brought this video up again… too damned funny!

  5. Natasha Says:

    This is hilarious!!!! Love it.

  6. Lisha Says:

    Hello there, Happy Fool’s Day!!!

    A guy goes into confession and says to the priest, “Father, I’m 80 years old, married, have four kids and 11 grandchildren, and last night I had an affair with two 18-year-old girls. I made love with both of them twice.”
    The priest said: “Well, my son, when was the last time you were in confession?”
    “Never Father, I’m Jewish.”
    “So then, why are you telling me?”
    “I’m telling everybody.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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