Flipbook – Supercool animation program

Flipbook! is an interactive Flash/PHP application that allows people to draw simple animations, save them to a gallery, export them to PDF and share them with other people.

My favourite animation can be seen here


6 Responses to “Flipbook – Supercool animation program”

  1. johnny mccrea Says:

    im gay and i think that you are gay and you dont have the balls to email me back.
    so there.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wwaaaaaaaaat is this

  3. kirew Says:

    is this site gay hhhhhhu what is with this johnny mccrea no he do’nt got the balls to to leave a adress

  4. kirew Says:

    wow nothing changed at all my coment is stil thair

  5. stealbelow Says:

    what are you fools talking about?

  6. Undecided person Says:

    everybody is gay! lets gay ourselves forever, who want’s to be the first to be gayed?

    Huurray for gay

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