Angry Littering Motorist Fights Bike Courier – Toronto

This JUST happened today! “The report goes as follows: motorist throws food out of window. courier, disliking littering, picks up food and throws food back in car. motorist dumps coffee on courier. courier scratches car with key. road rage ensues. The courier is female. i ‘got away’ with taking pics by just doing it openly. nobody noticed me because the focus is obviously on the altercation at hand.” (via)

22 Responses to “Angry Littering Motorist Fights Bike Courier – Toronto”

  1. paradox Says:

    Whoa, that’s nuts. Where is that, downtown?

  2. stealbelow Says:

    In Kensington I believe..

  3. paradox Says:

    That’s pretty crazy. My friends are really starting to get paranoid that everyone is dangerous.

  4. ray Says:

    absolute scum he deserves to have his head kicked in, she was right to throw the litter back in his car

  5. DaPeSe Says:

    Having seen all the pics of this minor brouhaha I dismiss the city of origan as Toronto. You will never find that many apparant anglo-saxons in any photo taken in that area of town

  6. stealbelow Says:

    DaPeSe – you are a fool.

  7. catchick Says:

    DaPeSe is no fool. He is ABSOLUTELY spot on with his comments!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. wes Says:

    Deffinitely Kensington…you can tell by the hanging safety jackets

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i believe that kryptonite in her back pocket should have been used

  11. paulwwalters Says:

    shoulda u-locked the $hit outta that mofo.

  12. tegi Says:

    Hi, we would like to run this storry/pictures inthe maiden issue of Toronto Eco Times. I asking for the permission. Who do we crdeit for the photos?

  13. tegi Says:

    [EDITED] Hi, we would like to run this story/pictures in the maiden issue of Toronto Eco Times. I am asking for the permission. Whom do we credit for the photos? Tegi 647-209-1446. 800-579-8710.

  14. stealbelow Says:

    from –

    hool: 26th Jan 2006 – 07:58 GMT

    “EDITOR’S NOTE: The Toronto Star took the photographs from this article, and printed them on the front page of Tuesday’s paper. The Toronto Star used these photos despite the photographer’s explicit statement to them that they do not have permission to print the photographs. and its contributors retain copyright to their work. Do not reproduce without consent. And now back to our regularly scheduled internet.”

  15. anthony Says:

    id kick this assholes fucking brains outa his head

  16. shutuppayouface Says:

    1. Littering is bad, arrogant scumbags like this guy need a slap.
    2. Bike couriers are bad, road hazards on wheels paying no attention to traffic laws.
    3. Throwing food in somebodies car is insane (kinda funny too) self righteous bitch needs a slap.
    4. A man hitting a woman is bad and in this situation not warranted.

    a) He shouldn’t have tossed crap onto the street – shun him!
    b) She has no business tossing food into somebodies car, especially without having a good escape route.
    c) He should not have thrown coffee on the courier, those fuckers are all mentally unbalanced – that’s why they cannot get a real job!
    d) She should really shouldn’t have keyed the car – it was over at that point – go on your hippy way.
    e) He should not have hit her (pushed her, whatever) bully dumbass arrogant prick – kicking the shit out of her bike is pretty justified though.
    f) I like the fact that there were plenty of people around to pull these idiots apart – as a society we are still far enough away from anarchy that this still happens ……. YAY!!

    Lesson Learned: Use the garbage! Bike riders have more ego than brains!

  17. Robert Says:

    Say what….

    ….don’t throw food in someone’s car? By all means…if they ‘dropped’ it!

    … couriers bad? BS I say…these people are cooler than cool, good for the environment (as this one proved by attempting to curtail littering)….it’s people in cars that are BAD and dangerous!!!

    Stomping a nice single speed / fiixie is just plain sad….hope these photos were forwarded to the TO courier gang and they could meet up with this guy.

    Hats off to the lady on the bike and standing up for what she believes in and making a CLEAN living. I’m sure she sees enough ignorance while on that bike to last a life time.

  18. liquid ice Says:

    when i see that man who hit that woman and stumped on her bike i am going to take the batery out of his fucking car rip it open and pour the battery acid all over his fucking face then i am going to slit his throat wide open with a rusty blade and shove that same rusty blade in to his fucking colon then i will cut his head off and mount it on my handle bars of my bike the funny thing is people i’m not kidding and ask me if i give a shit about going back to jail sincerly liquid ice

  19. citynoise editor Says:

    next time, please host the photos on your own site instead of hotlinking ours and stealing our bandwidth, thanks.

  20. Aim Courier Says:

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  21. Bewarethemoon Says:

    This thing happens daily here in London, where the pervading mentality is that all cyclists are scum, a a parasite on the roads to crush!
    I used to cycle 8-9 miles to work, and without fail, I’d have to deal with idiotic drivers everyday, knocking me off, turning in on me, shouting abuse at me for no reason other than that I’m a cyclist, I’ve had bus drivers try to run me off the road, cars too! oh, lazer pointers beamed into my eyes by teenagers too! in the end I’ve just given up doing it, it’s too dangerous now I have a family to worry about.
    Recently we’ve had Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins knocked off his bike, and the furore it produced was astounding from motorists, the hate and bile aimed at us is ridiculous…..

  22. Another Courier Says:

    I personally don’t agree with food littering either, but throwing it back into the drivers’ car is a rather aggressive move, don’t you think? One where I am not surprised that it leads to an altercation – especially in the city! My nickel (now that cents are taken out of circulation)…

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