Track The Sopranos With Google Maps

Track The Sopranos With Google Maps

By Nathan Weinberg
In ten days, HBO plans to go live with a Google Maps mashup that will help viewers track the actions on the Sopranos. There will be markers on the map that correlate to key plot points, and clicking on them will bring up a popup with information on the episode, including video clips. Its an interesting way to promote the show, and possibly the first time I’ve seen news stories to announce a coming Google Maps mashup.

God, I missed the Sopranos. Sure, it isn’t as spectacular as it once was, but its still better than most shows on TV. Hard to believe its been almost two years since the last episode. At least I’ll be able to use Google to see where the next body is dumped, and maybe figure out some the answers to some nagging questions, like how far did Tony walk from Johnny Sack’s place?(link)

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