Best Key Chain Ever


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Key holder remembers where you park and minds the meter!

Eliminate the embarrassment and possible danger of forgetting where you parked the car. The world’s most helpful key holder remembers where you parked, minds the meter, lights the key hole, and neutralizes static electricity. It records and plays a 15-second memo—example: “I parked on Level B, row 2.”

The LCD timer with running seconds doubles as a clock. Touch the rubber static pad to a metallic surface and you can open your car without receiving a nasty shock. Push a button to activate the bright LED light. Uses 1 “AAA” battery and 2 cell batteries (all included). 4"L x 1"D x 2"H.

Key Holder Recorder/Timer GH769pad$19.95 (via)


2 Responses to “Best Key Chain Ever”

  1. Hopkins Says:

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  2. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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