Doctor’s Advocate -Torrent – The Game 2006

Doctor's Advocate cover


Doctor’s Advocate(torrent) is a 2006 sophomore album by West Coast rapper The Game released November 14. Doctor’s Advocate is The Game’s sophomore album and is a reference to rap pioneer Dr. Dre who essentially “found” The Game, according to The Game himself. The album has many of the same producers that his first album did, including Kanye West and Just Blaze. In contrast to his debut, this album features no production from Aftermath CEO and famed hip-hop producer Dr. Dre, although longtime Dre collaborator Scott Storch produced two songs on the album.


Watch the Let’s Ride Trailer Below:



# Title Producer(s) Feature Guest(s) Time
1 “Lookin’ at You” Ervin “EP” Pope   3:37
2 “Da Shit” DJ Khalil   5:23
3 “It’s Okay (One Blood)” Reefa & D Roc Junior Reid 4:17
4 “Compton” 4:41
5 “Remedy” Just Blaze   2:57
6 “Let’s Ride” Scott Storch   3:57
7 “Too Much” Scott Storch Nate Dogg 4:11
8 “Wouldn’t Get Far” Kanye West Kanye West 4:11
9 “Scream On ‘Em” Swizz Beatz   4:20
10 “One Night” Nottz   4:27
11 “Doctor’s Advocate” Jonathan Rotem Busta Rhymes & Shorty 5:03
12 “Ol’ English” Hi-Tek Nate Dogg 4:44
13 “California Vacation” Jonathan Rotem Snoop Dogg & Xzibit 4:29
14 “Bang” Jelly Roll Kurupt & Daz Dillinger 3:37
15 “Around the World” Mr. Porter Jamie Foxx 4:02
16 “Why You Hate the Game?” Just Blaze Nas & Marsha of Floetry 9:22
17 “I’m Chillin” (UK Bonus Track) Fergie 4:32

6 Responses to “Doctor’s Advocate -Torrent – The Game 2006”

  1. g.unit Says:

    vrf går det inte att ladda ner????????????????

  2. g.unit Says:

    ellr hur gör man??

  3. zazy zo Says:

    i love the game

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    G-uni f-ck u all

  6. Anonymous Says:

    g-unit ohhhh SHIT G-UNOT U SUCK KISS MA ASS

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