The Evolution – Ciara – Torrent – 2006

 More of Ciara’s Finest…

The Evolution cover

Ciara: The Evolution (torrent) is the second studio album by American singer Ciara

Check out the hot video – Promise:

# Title Length
1. “That’s Right” (featuring Lil Jon)  
2. “Like a Boy” 3:54
3. “The Evolution of Music (Interlude)”  
4. “Promise” 4:28
5. “I Proceed”  
6. “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone” (featuring 50 Cent) 3:55
7. “C.R.U.S.H”  
8. “My Love”  
9. “The Evolution of Dance (Interlude)”  
10. “Make It Last Forever”  
11. “Bang It Up”  
12. “Get Up” (featuring Chamillionaire) 4:23
13. “The Evolution of Fashion (Interlude)”  
14. “Get In, Fit In”  
15. “The Evolution of C (Interlude)”  
16. “So Hard”  
17. “I’m Just Me” (featuring Pharrell) 3:06
18. “I Found Myself”

3 Responses to “The Evolution – Ciara – Torrent – 2006”

  1. Kevin Says:

    This is the best music video I’ve ever seen. I love you ciara

  2. Mz - Ra Says:

    I have to agree Kevin, Ciara is so awsome and you’d probably love the remix version with R. Kelly hehe they’re vocals compliment each other really well …

    Have A Good One Today 😀

  3. helan Says:

    hey…..who have this album from ciara???? i want it but I cant here it becaus i’m living in vienna….and i wanna here it……pleas send me the tracks….ppllllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeee

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