An Inconvenient Truth – Torrent – Al Gore – Global Warming Movie

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An Inconvenient Truth (torrent) is a documentary film about climate change, specifically global warming, directed by Davis Guggenheim and starring former United States Vice President Al Gore. The documentary is based largely on a multimedia presentation that Gore developed over many years as part of an educational campaign on global warming.

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7 Responses to “An Inconvenient Truth – Torrent – Al Gore – Global Warming Movie”

  1. stealbelow Says:

    I watched this movie a week ago with friends. It is very powerful and should be viewed by as many people as possible.

    • truth sayer Says:

      your right. it should be watched by as many people as posseble. We can all use a good laugh after all. I would sigjust you take a look at the facts, and what they really show. The leading sientests, and reserchers in the feld have admitted to throwing away the “raw data” that this is all saposed to be based on, so we dont even have the real “evidince”. All we have left is what they say the data showed. Whats workse that that all the data showed that there should have been a warming trend of the last 20 years, but instead there is been a cooling trend. Thats why they are now calling it climit change, because they found out there wasnt any warming after all. Can we really trust people who have admitted to throwing away data that they didnt agree with, who we know have lied to us, and who have been proven wrong? I think not. Its time for real resurch to be done, and for the results, and the methods to be made public so that everyone will know the truth, whatever that may be in the end.

  2. George Margetto Says:

    What will our children and future generations think of us? Shame on us if we do nothing, shame on us.

  3. stealbelow Says:

    Shame on us indeed.

  4. SpeakTheTruth Says:

    Global Warming is a scam to tax you and regulate every level of your lives. Listen for a carbon tax which will kill the poor and turn this nation into a third world. If you love your freedom i suggest you research the truth and stand up for yourself and dont take what these crooks in government tell you.

    The facts are 2008 has been the coolest on record since 1996. Sun cycles are the cause of our temps and weather here on ths planet. Research sunspot activity and solar storms. You will find its very calm now in return bringing down our temps. Antarctica has had a 30% increase in ice coverage despite what fox news tells you. CO2 is a natural compound of the atmosphere without it life wouldnt be possible. CO2 has never had any effect on temps in the past so why now? Sprayin a bottle of hairspray breathing and driving an SUV will not effect this huge planets activity. Only things that do effect it is dumping toxic waste in oceans, testing nukes in the upper atmosphere, cutting down the rainforest…all the real problems.

    • Miss Vy Says:

      Thank you. I feel your expression is informative in a great sense. I think it’ so important to see as many theories and perspectives as possible. Thank you for the links also.

  5. SpeakTheTruth Says:

    John Coleman the founder of TWC along with 40,000 PHD scientsist have signed a petition to debunk global warming and open the debates. Al Gore refuses to have another debate… whats he scared of? Hes a crook bottom line. No successful scientist in history has shut out other scientists ideas. Its all for money and controling wut the public can and cant do. You will see where temps are in 10 20 years and see nothings wrong and you have been had. By then you would of become slaves to the carbon tax. Stop being hannity following sheep. Use your brain it still works I hope. Use that little great tool you have at home to look up porn on and maybe find some facts out for yourself. Like the fact that polar bears can swim 10’s of miles at a time and the population is on an increase like never before. RESEARCH IT


    ….Visit these sites for the truth…

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