Children of Men – Torrent – Movie – Alfonso Cuarón

More Children of Men…Owen and Ashitey

Children of Men (torrent) is a 2006 dystopian thriller film directed by Alfonso Cuarón, loosely based on P.D. James’s novel The Children of Men. The film depicts a bleak world in which no human child has been born for 18 years, human extinction looms, and violence reigns. The plot centers on Great Britain, which has become a police state.

The cast includes Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Caine.

Watch the trailer below:


4 Responses to “Children of Men – Torrent – Movie – Alfonso Cuarón”

  1. Stone Says:

    wrong link… ;(

  2. stealbelow Says:

    Oops. Thanks Stone. Link Fixed. 🙂

  3. bitchtit Says:

    Link was to a .rar file that needs a password which isnt labled to anyone membors or not to the 4 mentioned site

  4. stealbelow Says:

    Terribly sorry mate. Link has been fixed again. I promise 🙂

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