Alexander Overwijk – World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion

Most people have heard the story of the painter Giotto, who, when asked by the King of Naples for proof of his ability, drew a perfect circle as a fitting token of his artistic skill.

In the video below Alexander Overwijk, a World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion draws a perfect freehand circle 1m in diameter in less than a second.

5 Responses to “Alexander Overwijk – World Freehand Circle Drawing Champion”

  1. paradox Says:

    That blew my mind.

  2. slaterminn Says:

    That was awesome how did he do that? i wanna try!

  3. siegelart Says:

    Wow!!!!!!! Talk about a niche market!

  4. Curious Curls Says:

    Wow….but I wonder if a perfect circle is an example of artistic ability or/and the precision of movement. I think this guy should have been a dancer or something 😉 hee hee.

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