Top Ten YouTube Comments for The One-Handed 3x3x3 Rubix Cube Champion

  1. It takes me longer than that to find the right key on my keyring to get into my house.
  2. I’m sure this guy gets plenty of practice with his one hand
  3. that is fucking amazing!!! mad props to that guys skills. he lives in some crazy world where dexterity and raw intellect collide. +10 pts
  4. You can play with my rubik’s cube…
  5. Now lets see it with no hands then i will be impressed. Too bad you can’t move things with your mind… its okay it takes years to master…
  6. Question: (Why do people say ‘that’s sick’?) I think that guy is amazing! Answer:  That’s sick = that’s amazing.  Congratulations, you now give the impression of being middle aged or older 😛
  7. Why do people spam? (This is a spam)
  8. Our little ‘genius’ is missing the point. The Cube is about learning patience, not speed. I once did it with both hands over a period of 8 years. He’ll never know true satisfaction as I did when that final row of blues fell into place. Poor kid.
  9. I think the cube’s true lesson is not patience, but get a fucking life
  10. Piff are you kinding me i can do it with no hands…in zero secs.


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