Simlish Music Video Made in Sims 2 – Lily Allen’s Smilie

A music video for Lily Allen’s ‘Smile’ in Simlish featuring a sim Lily in elements from The Sims 2 Seasons and other games from The Sims 2 franchise:

“Thats EXACTLY the reason Simlish is so well loved; almost everyone thinks it sounds like their native language. Ive spoken to people from Brazil who say it sounds like Portuguese, I’ve heard it claimed to sound Greek, French; I’ve heard people claim it sounds like various African languages. They assembled phonemes from a number of different languages across the world and constructed Simlish. A lot of the sounds and phonemes don’t exist in English at all (fwe/fwa/bwa for example).”

“i saw a thing about this in heat magazine lol lily allen said it was hilarious to make im not surprised!! gd vid x”


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