Hotel Igloo Village

via Vidafine by will on 12/12/09

Catching one of nature’s jaw-dropping light shows, the auroras, can be a chilly experience, especially in the northern hemisphere. Away from the distracting city lights and city comforts and into dark, cold wilderness can be a daunting experience for some. So for those of us who would still like to catch a glimpse of the awe-inspiring northern lights, but would prefer to be relatively warm, there is a place out in northern Finland, amongst the reindeer, where you can find a field of igloos. Except the igloos here are not made from snow. Instead, the igloos here are made from glass that might be mistaken for clear transparent ice. This is Hotel Kakslauttanen, where the experience of viewing the northern lights can be done from a comfortable bed in a warm room with a special glass that keeps all the heat in. But the star attraction is the panoramic view of the majestic night sky. And hopefully, from your bed, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of nature’s light show, the aurora borealis.

The use of snow and ice in the buildings is a large theme at Hotel Kakslauttanen. In addition to the ice igloo, the hotel has other attractions such as a glass teepee for cocktail parties under the northern lights, a snow chapel for services, and this stylish ice lounge. Any guy in a tux here would feel right at home as a penguin.

Oh, and for the record, (most) Canadians do not live in igloos.

Via Travelphant

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