The Myth of Beauty

Editor's of women's magazines are alert to what social roles are demanded of women in order to serve the interests of those who sponsor their publications.

Women's magazines in particular are one of the most powerful agents for changing women's roles, and they have consistently glamorized whatever the economy, their advertisers, and, during wartime, the government needed at that moment from woman.

In the 50's it was all about the domesticated housewife, the golden age of advertising, soaring ad revenues, and a shifting in the balance of power from the editorial department to the advertising department.   Modern women's magazines now center on beauty-work rather than house-work.  They sell diet products and specialized cosmetics and anti-aging creams rather than household goods, specialized cleaning products, and vacuum cleaners.

The crucial function that women serve as "aspiring beauties" is to buy more things.  Women will buy more things if they are kept in the self-hating, ever-failing, hungry, state of aspiring to the ideals perpetrated by these publications that literally live and die by advertising dollars.

If the media promotes to woman this aspirational, individualistic, can-do tone that says that you should be your most beautiful, and focuses on unattainable sexualized images of female models that are meant to convey female sexual liberation – they can continue to facilitate the multi billion diet/cosmetic/surgery industries which allows them to exist.

What editors are obliged to appear to say that men want from women is actually what their advertisers want from women.

When you see Rhianna, Fergi, or Mrs. Beckham on television, in magazines, on stage – they are literally acting out a strategically planned, cross-industry integrated marketing strategy designed to continue selling you on this psychologically harmful ideal.  

These women earn a living perpetrating this myth.  The institutions run by the men that whore them out to the public earn an even more comfortable better living.   

These people are not role models.  

This propaganda has intentionally and systematically been disguised as female sexual liberation.  

To the women who have paid for the protein powders, the cosmetics, the short skirt, the see-thru top, the puship bra, the stockings, the manicure, the eyebrow threading, the hair cut, and the five-inch stilettos: Is it counter-intuitive that now you want to show everyone just how hot you look – while inside you scream I wish someone would just love me for me.  

The next time a man points out a female's inappropriately seductive behavior, obsession with physical appearance, superficiality, vanity, exhibitionistic behavior – don't automatically assume he is doing so because he wants control over her sexuality.  

It may be because he believes he is watching someone he cares about fall deeper into the trap of the Beauty Myth.  

It may be because he believes he is watching unresolved childhood issues manifest themselves in certain maladaptive patterns of behavior.  

It may be because he hopes to uncover the motivations and fears associated with the negative thoughts and behaviors and wants to work through them together in a way that promotes a healthy long lasting future.

So, to all you ladies of the world, stop buying things.  Stop buying magazines.  Stop watching junk television.  Consider the above and don't forget to ask yourself who is motivating you, and why are you doing the things that you do.

~ Stealbelow

Posted via email from Delusions of Grandeur


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