Kanellos the Greek Protest Dog

Gallery: Kanellos the Greek protest dog

He has his own Facebook page, with nearly 1,900 fans and a song dedicated to him.

A comment by rechelon on reddit:

“I live in Athens, in exarxeia and this dog is very famous and everybody feeds and loves this animal.  His name is LOUK, from Loukanikos a word that means sausage, because he used to eat sausages all the time.He lives on the street,he has no master and he, allong with 4-5 other dogs comes to every demonstration here in Athens.

You will find him every day in MESOLLOGIOU street, where ALEXANDROS GRIGOROPOULOS,a 15 year old student was shot by the police.

KANELLOS was another dog that used to act the same, but he died two years ago and now he is buried by comrades inside the Polytechneio university in Athens, where the uprising against dictatorship took place,in 1973.

The members of Indymedia athens,used to feed him.Also when Kanellos was caught by the dog catcher 4 years ago,a demo of 400 people took place and we released him from the dog catcher!You can find his grave inside the university.Kanello RIP!

These dogs live in Exarxeia and they don’t belong to nobody.  We call them”the dogs of the movement” and there many of them, such as ROZA,DICK,RIBO,PETROS, and LOUCY. 

Its funny but they are our comrades,we protect and feed them and they protect us as well.

John Kolesidis/Reuters

A protest is no place for a dog. Or is it?

John Kolesidis/Reuters

Is Kanellos the leader of the pack? Not likely

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