Iphone App – Precorder – $1.99

Never miss another moment.

Precorder turns you into a better videographer.

  • Wait for something cool to happen

  • Press the record button

  • Precorder’s always saving the past few seconds

You’ll never miss a moment or need to edit down your footage.

By constantly saving the previous few seconds of video before you hit record, Precorder lets you wait until something interesting happens to start recording, and you’ll never miss a precious moment or get stuck with hours of boring video to painstakingly edit down.

Use Precorder to save your best video clips. Then share them.

Post your videos on Facebook.
Email videos to your friends.

Try it out! Others already are:

“I made the perfect highlight reel during my daughter’s volleyball game. I waited for her to make a play and then I’d hit record.”

“We’ve got the cutest moments of Jaden opening up his birthday presents instead of a long video we’ll never watch again.”

…without wasting one second editing videos.

Any questions about how Precorder works? Shoot us an email.


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