Geeky Lunch Bag Art From An Awesome Dad

Geeky Lunch Bag Art From An Awesome Dad

What you see above (and in the huge gallery on the next page) is the awesome Lunch Bag Art made by a dad in San Diego, California. Since at least 2008, he’s been drawing these during his lunch break to use for his kids’ pack lunches. Not since the “Wave at the Bus” dad have we seen a dad’s geeky artistic project as awesome as this. These are way cooler than all those drawings my dad used to put in my lunchbox of him frowning and holding a positive pregnancy test.

Below is a collection of our favorite geek-related bags out of the almost 500 pictures at the Lunch Bag Art tumblr.

[Hat tip and the mystery bag from the back of the fridge to GorillaMask.]

Awww, poor teacher. Did the classic comic strip hurt your pwecious feelings?

Quick, somebody hand me some diamond ammo.

from Gamma Squad…


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