Jason Sho Green

Jason Sho Green

Jason Sho Green is one of those artists whose work you grow to love and love more once you take the time to inspect all the tiny details that make up his portraits. Look closely and you’ll discover that the entire face is composed of tiny illustrations of faces, skulls, plants and just about anything random you can think of. Major props to Jason for using Beat Takeshi, aka Takeshi Kitano, as one of his subjects.

jason-sho-green-01 jason-sho-green-02 jason-sho-green-03 jason-sho-green-04 jason-sho-green-05 jason-sho-green-06 jason-sho-green-07

via My Modern Met

from Think CONTRA http://www.thinkcontra.com/jason-sho-green/

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One Response to “Jason Sho Green”

  1. Ed Fleming Says:

    Is there anywhere i can buy a print of this, its absolutely awesome.

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