How Many Billions Will Google End Up Paying For Facebook?


Subscribe to Rss Feeds for GMAT, LSAT, MCAT Test Preperation

I can't figure out why no one publishes an RSS feed of GMAT practice questions (or LSAT or MCAT or SAT or…)

I should be able to go to a site and select the test I want to study for and then choose my test date and set the number of questions per day I want to receive. 

I should be able to submit my answers and get feedback on my results.  

I should be able to get a summary of my weakest/strongest areas and options for adjusting the types of questions I subscribe to.

Someone let me know when this is ready.  Until then I will keep cracking this giant book I have to lug around and the cue cards I use to make notes and keep track of my wrong answers.

Is ZDNet really talking about web 3.0???

Ease off the buzzword sauce there big guy…maybe you should sit the next couple plays out


In the first phase of the project, partners are striking individual relationships with on-demand vendors or hosting providers. The next stage, which is due to happen this year, will be to build out a live network of shared services. At that point, the JSDN will become a living example of the aggregation layer I described in my posting last month about What to expect from Web 3.0, while channel partners will draw on the aggregated services to create and deliver finished applications to end customers.

An earlier post made last Wednesday

Who will own Web 3.0?

No one can take you seriously.

Google Analytics and

Does anyone know if it is possible to use Google Analytics with a blog?

SCOOP: Email Conversation with Hyperwords CEO on Future Direction

I scooped Techcrunch by checking out Hyperwords 6 days previous to this post made on the 28th:

“I generally don’t write about Firefox plugins, but Hyperwords is one that’s gotten my attention. Like Om says, it’s a must-have product to aid the browsing experience. And I see a business model here, too.

Options include searching various engines, looking up text in wikipedia and, emailing text, searching on Google Maps, translation, and searching on Amazon and other commerce sites. The search and commerce traffic will generate revenue (my guess is a dollar or so per year per active user). The translation service is incredibly useful.”

On December 22nd I wrote to Hyperwords and made the suggestion:

Wouldn’t it be great for bloggers if when composing a post you could highlighted and click on a name, movie, word or address you could right-click it and be presented with a popup menu allowing you to automatically hyperlink that word to the relevant page (if applicable and available) on wikipedia, imdb, dictionary or google maps (etc).

The Founder and CEO Frode writes back and cc’s Particia the COO and the Mikhail the Head Progammer:

“Yes, would be cool…You are about 1 year ahead of us, we can’t really deal with editing text yet, just reading, but yes, agree with your direction.”

I wrote this email back to try to get them more interested in me (yes I want a job with a web2.0 startup  (let me know when a better name comes around)):

Frode – with utmost respect and in an admittedly pathetic attempt to pump up my ego a bit – I must ask – am I one year ahead of you in a long term strategic plan that you have layed out? Or, am I on to something that you are 1 year away from being able to accomplish?

Hi Mikhail and Patrciai  🙂

It wouldn’t have to stop there.  Imagine being able to right click on the parent word and being able to instantly link the title of a book to amazon with your amazon affiliate code inserted.

I can picture something like this blowing away the effectiveness of every affiliate program out there and thats an understatement.

A hyperlink that on mouseover brings up a semi transparent bubble off to the side (as to not impose on the potential customer like a pushy salesman) and waits patiently for a few seconds and upon an extended mouseover…becomes opaque (similar to the way new email messages from Outlook pop up when surfing the net for example).

Users would mouseover this bubble and be shown REAL TIME price comparisons and/or reviews for the top 5 peforming products (with affiliate codes inserted automaticall for the content creators) in that category.

Content creators would have all of this link madness created with a simple highlight and right click.

Over to the most successful products become the most linked to.  Millions of blog creators with millions of permalink pages from the past always carrying the most current and relevant affiliate links.

Frode wrote back:


And Merry Christmas!

As for your question, I cannot comment on it.
As for your suggestion, yes, different ways of displaying additional, contextual information dynamically is definitively useful and interesting and something worth pursuing  🙂

This is the kind of guy I would like to work for perhaps.  Engage me Frode.  Talk to me.  Hire me!

I’m either predicting your strategy OR giving you a better one – I must be good for something 😉 and Automattic!

Coming soon to a blog near you…

In the meantime check out and Akismet.

Anyone have any guesses on what this is all about?

Suggestion for Pandora

When I’m listening to my Pandora tunes and checking over my feeds in bloglines I hear a song I want to add as a favorite. I do so and then I ask myself – why don’t I have an rss feed for my Pandora favourites? Rss feeds for my stations? Public/Private feeds? Why not give me the chance to post links to my Pandora station on my blog so other Pandora users can see what I’m digging and vote my stations up or down the Pandora Pop charts? Since its all about the culture of entitlement these days sharing why not make the pie bigger and give me a slice of it anytime a listener of my Pandora station buys from itunes or amazon through me? I could always add them one by one to my blog side bar eventually with my own amazon affiliate code anyway?

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