I Need a New Header!

Announcing a competition for a new header image for Pay Attention To Me!

No rules.

I wondering if I’ll get any submissions?


Leave a Message!

Today’s post is designed to receive a bit of feedback.  I believe there are around 35 people that are following this blog’s rss feed.

I’d love to get a comment from those who follow along as opposed to those that stumble in through search engine traffic.

Even just a “hello!” would make me smile.

Netvibes Plug-in for WordPress.com

Netvibes is turning into one of my favourite hangouts. I predict even bigger things just around the corner for them.

Read more about them on TechCrunch.

"NetVibes has also released an API that enables the development on new plug-ins (more than 74 already present). 8 new were added since yesterday and some very interesting are on the way (video, netflix, myspace)"

One thing I think would be AWESOME would be if someone created a wordpress.com plug in for Netvibes.

Update:  Oh yeah, I almost forgot – it NEEDS a PANDORA plug-in too!!!  Then I'll never leave!

Signed Copy of JPod – Douglas Coupland – WANTED

If anyone attended the event below and has a signed copy of JPod I am very interested in buying a copy ASAP as a gift for my girlfriend.  Please please please! 🙂

I'm also interested in seeing if this blog-request will work…

"See Douglas Coupland in the exclusive Toronto event for his newest novel, jPod Presented by Pages Books & Magazines, Random House Canada, and NOW Magazine
Walter Hall, UofT Faculty of Music, 80 Queen’s Park Crescent (just south of the ROM, behind the planetarium)

May 23rd; 7pm (doors 6:30pm), tickets $5 @ Pages"


Subscribe to Rss Feeds for GMAT, LSAT, MCAT Test Preperation

I can't figure out why no one publishes an RSS feed of GMAT practice questions (or LSAT or MCAT or SAT or…)

I should be able to go to a site and select the test I want to study for and then choose my test date and set the number of questions per day I want to receive. 

I should be able to submit my answers and get feedback on my results.  

I should be able to get a summary of my weakest/strongest areas and options for adjusting the types of questions I subscribe to.

Someone let me know when this is ready.  Until then I will keep cracking this giant book I have to lug around and the cue cards I use to make notes and keep track of my wrong answers.

The Last Video Ipod Guide You Will Ever Need!

I just picked up a brand new Ipod Video! Craigslist Rules! Small Asians on bicycles selling relatively inexpensive electronics in downtown Toronto Rule!!

So now I need to figure out how to make the most of my purchase. I found this guide which claims to be “The Last Ipod Video Guide You Will Ever Need”

UPDATE:  I created my own Guide To Fast Downloading, Converting and Playing Bittorrent Video Files on Your Video Ipod

Newsvine Beta – I’ve got 20 invites

If you aren’t “in the know” about Newsvine then this isn’t for you.

If you are in the know then leave me a message and email addy in the comments giving me a reason to vouch for you and send you an invite!

I would also appreciate some link love on your blog!

Note: Please remember that by inviting friends into the Newsvine community, you are vouching for their potential as a positive member of the community.

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