Subscribe to Rss Feeds for GMAT, LSAT, MCAT Test Preperation

I can't figure out why no one publishes an RSS feed of GMAT practice questions (or LSAT or MCAT or SAT or…)

I should be able to go to a site and select the test I want to study for and then choose my test date and set the number of questions per day I want to receive. 

I should be able to submit my answers and get feedback on my results.  

I should be able to get a summary of my weakest/strongest areas and options for adjusting the types of questions I subscribe to.

Someone let me know when this is ready.  Until then I will keep cracking this giant book I have to lug around and the cue cards I use to make notes and keep track of my wrong answers.


Stealthy 2.0 Company

More than just a pimped out musical youtube

Set up blogs, stores and promote/sell/distribute to gigsvenues..forums for trading gear…auditions..interviews..podcasts..videocasts..etc etc etc…

Sound interesting?

FireAnt – RSS – Bittorrent – Video

FireAnt is a free software application for Mac and Windows that makes it easy to find and download media from the Web and play it on your desktop no matter what video format it is, including Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash, etc. You can Download FireAnt now and easily find, view, organize, and sync media to portable devices. You can also discover and watch videos online through the FireAnt Channel Directory
Apparently, they are heavy on the bittorrent and rss as well. I’ll be looking into this further.

Comments About Commenting on Blogs

Wouldn’t it be awesome if when I posted a comment on a blog it magically turned into a email conversation thread (think gmail conversation threads).

Everyone could reply back and forth quickly and easily in gmail and have it posted as comments on the blog?

I also think it would be fantastic if instead of subscribing to a comment thread rss, I could just hit a button and an email/comment conversation/thread would show up in my inbox and update every time someone added a comment.

Let me make this clear – I don’t want a new email for each comment.  I want to click on one email header to read the entire up-to-date comment discussion I am interested in.  Not email after email from each comment made piling up my inbox.

Maybe include a note that shows ‘last commented on’ or ‘5 new comments’ to tell me to check back in.
I find it annoying to go back and track conversations every time I post a comment on a blog (so I rarely bother).

I find the concept of subscribing to an comment thread via rss ridiculous considering the number of feeds I already have in my aggregator.  I can’t bother subscribing and unsubscribing to comment threads.  I can however delete the ones I’m not interested in from my email box.

What is NewsRiver?

What is News River?

Dave Winer explains:

“NewsRiver is a desktop aggregator that runs in the OPML Editor application, an open source outliner that can also run applications such as NewsRiver.

You may see references to this page in your referer logs, that’s because every time a NewsRiver user checks your feed, the HTTP request includes a link to this page as its referer.

It’s still a little early for people without experience using the OPML Editor to try the aggregator, we’re still working on fixing glitches and adding features. As soon as it’s ready for general use, I’ll include instructions how to get started here.” – Unique Interesting Feeds Every Day is a blog that features a unique or interesting RSS feed every day. From comic strips to coupons, we will have something interesting for you everyday.

I have added it to my bloglines and I anticipate it being a great new resource for quality feeds. I of course will never look at the actual website. But I did subscribe to their feed 😉

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