Stupid Sock Creatures

Found this on dooce:

While he didn’t exactly buy me socks, he did pay attention to my recent infatuation with handmade toys (and toys and toys and toys) and bought me this:I have never sewn anything in my life except my wild oats. My goal is to make at least two sock creatures this year — that should allow me enough time to learn how to thread a needle.

I got the same book for my sister for Christmas! It’s a very cool book IMHO. I wonder if there is a Stupid Sock Creatures” Flickr Pool or Gallery?

UPDATE: I found a couple sock creatures on Flickr – I’m surprised there aren’t more


Miss Rogue and LexnGer Are Stalking Me!

See here for context

It’s those sneaky ::  at the front of your blog title.  It means your feed is usually at the top of my bloglines feeds.

But for real…you’ve got a great online voice and I enjoy reading along.


Impressively designed creative execution (sexy billboard).


UPDATE:  Another one although not sexy

Today is the Shortest Day of the Year

The December solstice is observed around the world in both astronomical and spiritual terms; this day is the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere, and vice versa in the Southern hemisphere (via)

Free iPod Video Conversion Application – iSquint


An iPod video conversion application.

Download the latest 1.0 preview (0.9j) now!

Interesting coverage on the ongoing cruise-ship-attacking pirates drama.

Remember that story from a few weeks back, about a group of mercenaries being given $50 million to fight Somali pirates — the guys who attacked a cruise ship, and were sent running by a sonic blaster? Well, it gets weirder, as Kathryn Cramer has been discovering.

pirates.jpgFirst, she found out that the firm, New York’s Top Cat Marine Security, sure looked like a front company, sharing a single suite with, “Animal Fair” magazine,, and a law firm. Then, Kathryn dug into the finances of Top Cat chief Peter Casini, who seems to have a habit of bankrupting his companies. And security didn’t exactly seem like his forte. So the question was: who were the real guns-for-hire at Top Cat?

The answer, Kathryn’s found out, includes the former U.S. rep for Sandline International. That’s the private military company that has been involved in quite a few messy little wars, from Sierra Leone to Papua New Guinea to Liberia. The company often flouted international law and U.N. restrictions to supply weapons and mercenaries to African strongmen and shady revolutionaries alike. Now, at least one of their top guys is back, under Top Cat’s cover. But who hired Top Cat, in the first place?

How To Make Your Own Web Mashup – Guide + Resources

“So you want to make a mashup but aren’t entirely sure where to begin? This page can help you get there.”


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