How-to Survive As A Speculator – Adam Hamilton

An excellent read:

 “In order to ensure that this common speculation hazard doesn’t crush you, there are crucial steps to take so you not only survive but thrive as a speculator. They involve emotional steeling, position-limited portfolio construction, mechanical profit and loss management, and a carefully cultivated understanding of the true random nature of the tactical markets.”



How-To Tie a Double Windsor Knot

Armani, Versace, Gucci, Ferragamo

A double Windsor can take a little longer than a Windsor or half Windsor, but the result is usually a much more balanced knot.


Finding A Doctor in Toronto – Doctor Search

"Doctor Search provides information about individual physicians, including practice address, telephone number, qualifications, etc., and whether they are accepting new patients."

Top 25 Free New York Experiences

Top 25 Free New York Experiences (via)

May 24, 2006


  1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  2. Gaze up at the ceiling of the New York City Public Library's
    Reading Room
  3. Marvel at the bustle of Grand Central Terminal
  4. Ride the Staten Island Ferry for awesome views of the city and the Statue of Liberty (free)
  5. Listen in on a choir rehearsal at St. Thomas Church
  6. Browse the art galleries in Chelsea and Soho
  7. Check out famous film sites
  8. Visit the Bronx Zoo (free on Wednesdays; donation suggested)
  9. Be entertained by Washington Square Park's street performers
  10. Walk Somewhere and Everywhere
  11. Whitney Museum of American Art (Friday 6-9 pm; pay what you wish)
  12. Play in Central Park
  13. Museum of Modern Art (Free Fridays 4-8 pm)
  14. Smell the flowers at the New York Botanical Garden (free Sat. 10-noon; Wed.)
  15. Head to Brooklyn for the thrills of Coney Island's Astroland ($2-5 a ride)
  16. Catch Shakespeare in the Park
  17. Metropolitan Museum of Art ($15 suggested donation)
  18. Kayak on the Hudson at the Downtown Boathouse (free)
  19. Attend a reading at one of the city's many independent bookstores
  20. Watch a free flick during the summer in Bryant Park
  21. Catch a free show at the Apple store in Soho
  22. See what's moored at Pier 63
  23. Check out the sculptures in Madison Square Park
  24. Pick up lunch at the Shake Shack
  25. Enjoy Free Wi-Fi: Bryant Park, Battery Park, Union Square Park

6 Tips For Staying Sane in a 9-5 Job

I'd like to share a few simple rules for maintaining sanity in the 9-5 workplace.

Don't start the day with coffee. 

Once it is 10:30 take your 15 minute break and drink a coffee. It will help you make it to lunch.

DO NOT take lunch at noon. That is too early and makes the day stretch out for too long.

Take lunch between 1-2:30. DO NOT eat lunch at your desk. ESPECIALLY in the summer time. GET out of the office and forget about work and go for a walk.

If you take lunch at 2 and your 15 minute afternoon break you will be back at 3 and then you have two hours before hometime. Perfect.

Bring some snacks – yogurt, apple, carrot sticks, rice crackers, drink lots of water, hard boiled egg, nuts…


Guide To Fast Downloading, Converting and Playing Bittorrent Video Files on Your Video Ipod

Okay – my last post was about an ipod guide.  It sucked.  Not the guide.  But the post.  I hadn’t checked out the guide yet.  I got all excited about it and wanted to post about it.  I’ve decided I am a fool and hope to make everything better by spelling out exactly how someone would go about downloading a large video file off the internet and then convert and play it successfully on an Video iPod using all free software specifically for windows.
Follow along if you’d like.

Bittorrent.  Download it here.

Now you need a tracker.  Download it here.

Now you need to find whatever video it is you are looking for.  Search for ipod if you want to avoid converting the file into one that can play on your Ipod.  Try here: The Pirate Bay.

Check out the comments people leave and make sure it gets a few approvals and successful downloads before you waste your time.  Also make sure that there are a decent amount of people seeding the file.   The sixth column to the right indicates the number of people seeding the file.  It’s labed SE.

Hopefully it comes in all in one piece and you don’t need to a program like winrar and extract it to a new folder.

At this point I’d like to suggest using VLC media player if you’d decide to watch the video on your computer.  That way you don’t have to know what a codec even is.
Okay.  So now you decide you need to convert the file to one that will work on your ipod.  I found Videora mentioned in a forum I stumbled onto.
So I checked them out.  It took me some poking around but I eventually found what i was looking for Videora Converter:

“Videora Converter is a free video conversion application developed by the creators of Videora. It allows you to convert your regular PC video files (avi, mpeg, etc) into the proper video format that your mobile or fixed video device understands. Each version is tailored specifically to the device in question.”

I then surfed my way to this forum where someone gaurenteed success by using these settings wthin the Videora Converter:

mode – MPEG-4>CBR
resolution – 320×240
passes – one
bitrate – 768kbps
framerate – 29.97

bitrate – 128kbps
sample rate – input
channels – stereo
volume – 100%

Someone further into the forum thread said ” The key is “-async 1″ without quotes to the Custom FFMPEG Flags in the Profile for sure!”

So even though I have clue what the hell anyone is talking about I just type in what they tell me and what I’m telling you.   Then I clicked on Transcode New Video.  Selected the video file.  And it began converting.  Sweet.

So then I open up itunes.  Click on edit preferences.  Check the ‘manually update ipod’ box.  Add file to library.  Click on the movie file. Ok.  Now plug in my Ipod Video.  Click on the ‘automatically sync Ipod with library’ button in preferances.  It should load it up in the Video Ipod.  It worked flawlessly for me.
Please let me know how useless this is or if you have any questions.  😛

The Last Video Ipod Guide You Will Ever Need!

I just picked up a brand new Ipod Video! Craigslist Rules! Small Asians on bicycles selling relatively inexpensive electronics in downtown Toronto Rule!!

So now I need to figure out how to make the most of my purchase. I found this guide which claims to be “The Last Ipod Video Guide You Will Ever Need”

UPDATE:  I created my own Guide To Fast Downloading, Converting and Playing Bittorrent Video Files on Your Video Ipod

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